Confused about RSI?, have you found too much information spread over too many websites? This site is designed to bring a lot of the current information into one place, in plain language, for your convenience, and has been compiled by an RSI sufferer, based in the UK. (and it's not packed with irritating ads!)

This site is not for medical professionals, but more for sufferers of this debilitating condition, to point them in the right direction.

This site is also designed to spread the word about a new device currently being developed, invented by a computer user who experienced extreme pain, and which may relieve the suffering incurred by many people working on computers, mouse or keyboard, for long periods. 

If you would like updates on the progress of the development of this device, please express your interest.

If we've left anything out, or you wish to disagree with any of the information, or you wish to add your experiences, please feel free to contact us.





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A new device to reduce the pain of rsi - check it out!


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